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Some Tips for DIY Tree Removal

Getting rid of dead trees is more complex than many people realize, and you could run into an array of issues if you aren’t careful. Luckily, with the right equipment and a solid plan, you should be able to get that dead foliage off your property before you know it. Here are three things to keep in mind when removing dead trees from your property:

Don’t Start During Inclement Weather
Removing dead trees is extremely hazardous during certain times of the year. If there are high winds or the tree is covered in snow, for example, then you should probably put the project off for at least a few weeks. That said, a little bit of rain could actually help you out. The rainwater is going to saturate all of the soil around the tree, which will make it much easier to pull out the roots. You can also soak the ground with a garden hose if you’re carrying out this project during the dry season.

Always Use the Proper Safety Gear
Well before you start removing any trees from your property, make sure you have the proper safety gear. Without safety equipment, you could end up dealing with serious injuries, including lacerations, sprains, broken bones and head trauma. At the very least, you need to wear eye protection, ear protection and a hard hat when you’re removing the trees. You should also consider wearing high-quality gloves, thick pants, a heavy jacket and reinforced boots"clothes that’ll greatly reduce your risk of minor cuts and scratches.

Invest in the Right Equipment
You might want to search for some used construction equipment that you can purchase if the trees are relatively large. Cutting the trees into smaller segments with a chainsaw will get the job done, but that’s going to be very time-consuming. With some heavy equipment, you’ll be able to rip the trees up without cutting them into smaller pieces. Heavy equipment will also allow you to dig up the roots, which will prevent saplings from popping up in the future.

Removing one or two dead trees shouldn’t be too exhausting, but it’s always a good idea to hire professional contractors if you have more than a couple trees to get rid or have issues performing the task on your own. An experienced crew will be able to bring in construction equipment that you might not have access to, and many companies offer free disposal services on larger projects.

Source: Brooke Chaplan/RISMedias Housecall

Berkeley Place welcomes Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hilton Head Bluftfon RealtyWe are excited to have our Bluffton office part of Berkeley Place of Buckwalter Parkway! Now located at 104 Buckwalter Parkway, Suite 2B near the Cinemark movie theatres and above One Hot Mama's.  While we loved our space in Bluffton's Promenade, Berkeley Place offers more accessibility and convenience for our clients.  With a quick 7 minutes or less drive to pretty much anywhere in Bluffton, we knew this would be where we could assist our clients best.  



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Create a Quiet, Tech-Free Family Room in 5 Simple Steps

Kids today have a lot to distract them from doing their homework, like video games, Netflix, YouTube, texting and social media. And lets face it, a lot of adults are just as addicted to their phone as any teenager.

So, as you move into a new home, consider designating a device-free room, a place where kids can study, adults can work and read, and the family can gather to relax, talk or enjoy a hobby.

Heres how you can create a quiet and productive room for your family.

  1. Start With a Desk:
    Bring in a simple desk where kids can study and write papers. Although you want to keep this room free of devices, students will most likely need to bring a laptop into the room for research and writing.


  1. Bring in the Books:
    Set up a bookshelf and fill it up. Start with a dictionary, thesaurus and reference books. Then add some favorite novels and non-fiction titles about a variety of topics such as sports, history and entertainment. If you have young kids, be sure to include picture books to get them in the habit of reading.


  1. Figure This Out:
    This room is also a great place to set up a table with a puzzle. You can even buy tables that are designed for puzzles. Dont feel any pressure, make it something family members do, as a group and individually, on an ongoing basis.


  1. Get a Comfy Chair:
    This room needs a place where people can sit, and a nice welcoming chair is perfect for reading and practicing a hobby, such as Add a blanket to the room to make it an ideal spot for a nap.


  1. Let There Be Music:
    You can make an exception to the gadget rule by streaming music via a phone or tablet. You can even put your old CDs to use in this room or even just listen to a radio. Whatever you choose, the right music can set the mood for all sorts of activities.

Before you know it, your family will be spending a lot more time together"and a lot less time on their phones.

5 State-of-the-Art Features for a Secure Home

These cutting-edge security features will ensure your property is prepared for anything!

Biometric Keypad

With biometric keypads, all of your doors can be set to automatically lock and simply require your fingerprint to open.

Home Firewall

Installing a firewall provides an extra layer of protection to any online vulnerabilities.

Safe Room

A fortified safe room can serve as shelter from a natural disaster or extra defense in the event of a home intrusion.

Perimeter Surveillance Radars

Perimeter surveillance is worth considering for large estates in more remote settings.

Art Collection Protection

Installing sensors that monitor any activity within close proximity is a great way to keep your art safe.

Why Your Home Should Have Triple-Glazed Windows

When its time to upgrade the windows in your home, its important to know that not all windows are created equally. Considering that they last for up to 20 years and significantly impact the efficiency of your home, this isnt a feature to skimp on. For discerning homebuyers who are willing to spend a little extra for top quality, triple-glazed windows are well worth the investment. If youre getting ready to do (actual) window shopping, here are a few ways in which they outperform traditional windows.

What are triple-glazed windows?
First, you might be wondering what exactly the term triple-glazed means. These windows are constructed using three separate panes with an inert gas, such as argon, inserted between the layers of glass. This can deliver myriad benefits and be used for a wide variety of applications, from casement windows to skylights to sliding glass doors.

Energy Efficient
The biggest advantage is that they will almost certainly reduce your energy bill. When it comes to heating and cooling, windows are typically the least insulated part of a home and triple-glazing was specifically designed to address this. With a significantly improved ability to retain heat or air conditioning, they are widely regarded as the best choice for an environmentally friendly home.

Extra Secure
Additionally, their sturdy structure gives triple-glazed windows the added benefit of being more secure than traditional options. The increased durability can deliver peace of mind to any homeowner, particularly in locations that are prone to hurricanes, highwinds or any other harsh weather conditions.

Noise Insulation
If you live in a noisy neighborhood, youll be pleased to know that they can be an effective way to reduce outside sounds, especially compared to single-pane windows. If this is particularly important to you, then take note of the Sound Transmission Class rating when picking out new windows.

Which Home Renovations Should You Splurge on?

Home renovations can be expensive, especially if you want to make changes to several rooms or alter the floorplan. You probably want to keep the costs down as much as possible, but sometimes its better to spend more money to install items thatll last a long time, have a major impact on the overall appearance of a room, and help you attract a buyer and sell your home for a good price in the future.

Wood Flooring
Nothing beats the warm appeal of wood floors. While itll cost a lot more to install than other flooring materials, wood flooring can last decades. If the floor gets scratched or scuffed, youll be able to sand and refinish it to restore it to its original beauty. Wood floors can often be refinished several times, if necessary. If you decide to sell your house in the future, youll have no trouble attracting plenty of buyers who also recognize the advantages of wood flooring.

You probably use appliances such as the stove, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher nearly every day, and the washer and dryer at least once or twice a week. Spending money for quality appliances is a good investment. You dont have to purchase the most expensive models, but you should read reviews to find out which brands tend to last the longest and compare prices and warranties.

If your family uses the kitchen to prepare meals each day, you most likely open and close the cabinets a lot, which can cause wear and tear that can detract from the appearance of the entire room. If youre going to replace the cabinets, it makes sense to pay more for quality. You dont need to go all out for top-of-the-line cabinets, but you can get ones made from strong wood at a reasonable price.

Kitchen countertops can look beat up after years of daily use. If you cook a lot, its worth investing in durable countertops that wont scratch, chip or stain easily. You have many options when it comes to materials and colors. Visit a local home improvement store, and talk to an employee about how you use your kitchen so you can get advice on the best material.

Statement Lighting
A bold lighting fixture can be the focal point of a room. If youve cut corners in other areas to save money, allow yourself to splurge on a lighting fixture thatll add style and sophistication to the room.

Spend More for Quality
The cost to renovate a house, or even a single room, often gives homeowners sticker shock. Its understandable to want to save wherever you can, but sometimes splurging now on quality products thatll last, beautify your home and add to its value is the best move in the long run.

In a year like no other, 2020 is certainly one that will be remembered for years to come.  We are happy to celebrate the accomplishment these 4 ladies made while navigating through the unpredictable year.  

Realtor Service Award 2020

This award honors those members who throughout the past year have achieved high levels of continuing education, professional development, Association involvement and leadership, as well as serving our community by volunteering their time, talent and financial support. Only a small percentage of the REALTOR® members are eligible for this distinction which honors well rounded professionals who demonstrate passion for their industry and community, while adhering to the strict Realtor® Code of Ethics.   

Congratulations to Sarah O'Leary Takacs,

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One of the many attributes of the marvelous South Carolina Lowcountry that visitors and new residents of the area find fascinating is the area’s history.

You can stroll down the lanes of large and small communities, drop into a fifty-year-old restaurant or spend a few hours inside a 177-year-old home. Once in this residence you will experience the culture and history of Bluffton, from inside one of the few structures left standing after the end of the Civil War.

For those who enjoy ‘feeling’ history, visiting some of the historic sites in Bluffton and on Hilton Head Island, the experience is sometimes a bit surreal, like being transported back in time 100, 200 or even 300 years.

Now let your imagination run a little wild and envision living in a

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Grinding of the Greens

Grinding of the Greens Starts December 26th

 The Town of Hilton Head Island will host a Grinding of the Greens program as a way to recycle natural Christmas trees after the holiday season.

You may bring your undecorated Christmas trees between December 26, 2020 and January 15, 2021 to the following locations:

  • Coligny Beach (Big Parking Lot) Paved area on the South Forest Beach Side.
  • Old Gullah Flea Market Site (Designated area of Highway 278 and Chamberlain Drive). Please use the designated area for Christmas trees only.

Jones Brothers Tree Service will provide the grinding service. Free mulch from the Christmas trees will be available for pick up at the two designated sites with the first grinding to occur after January

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