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Chosing a Home when DownsizingWhether you have lived in your current home for decades or only a year, as you get older, you may find that you have too much space.  Additionally, thanks to stairs, slippery floors, and poor central air or heating, your old home may no longer suit your needs.  As a result, many seniors are increasingly choosing to downsize.  The process of selling and buying a home is always difficult, but it can be made much easier with proper planning.  Here are some strategies that can help.

 Choose a house that accommodates your medical needs

The most critical step is choosing a house that will accommodate your unique medical needs while also suiting your design preferences.  For instance, if you have trouble with your legs, hips, or ankles, you may not want to

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You've decided that you want to buy property but are uncertain whether it’s better to buy now or wait until next year.  You keep hearing that Now is the Time to Buy.  But why.....?  Well, interest rates have begun to rise and will likely continue to increase.  Inventory is low and prices are increasing.  Bottom line - every day you wait to buy, you face stiffer competition for fewer homes.

Cost of Waiting to Purchase on Hilton Head Island


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4 questions you need to ask when buying a Hilton Head Island vacation property

The allure is appealing. Owning a vacation property, a little place of your own to escape to on long weekends is the dream of many home owners.

And what better place than Hilton Head Island?

The gorgeous South Carolina sun, the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Calibogue Sound, the world-class golf courses and the iconic low land landscape combine to create a truly one-of-a-kind vacation destination. The island has been attracting vacationers for decades, why wouldn't you want to stake your own claim in the land? Plus, it’s never been a better time to buy!

As with any major investment, you need to use a degree of caution and know what you’re getting into. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself when buying a Hilton Head Island

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hilton head island sunset

The SUVs and minivans that arrived one after the other, week after week during the summer, packed to the brim with suitcases, beach chairs, floats, anxious children, and the frisky Golden have departed, each carrying back home sweet memories of another island vacation. School is back in session and families are resettling into their familiar routines with thoughts of next summer’s trip dancing in their heads.

As Summer Vacation Season Cools Down...

It’s now the middle of September and Hilton Head’s “high-season” has wound down. Just like that, the visitors have gone.

Golfing and fishing season is in full swing! It’s easier to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant, there are a few open tee times at Harbour Town Golf Links, the new

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You can go places with good credit---and Hilton Head Island is a great place to be! Today’s mortgage finance market is all about credit for the best.  According to Bloomberg News, 2016 Q1 numbers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s consumer credit panel, 58% of the $389 billion in mortgage originations (or 51% of the total loans) went to those with an Equifax Risk Score of 760 or higher on a scale of 280 – 860. During the same quarter in 2004, the prime group received 23% of the mortgages.

Borrowers whose score fell within the range of 620 to 659, viewed by lenders as below-prime credit, received just 4.6% of the dollar volume of mortgages for 2016 Q1. This group comprised 6% of purchase mortgage applications during the first quarter of

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sea pines resortYou’ve waited long enough. The market is stable, mortgage rates are low, the long, hard winter is over (you’ll never do that again) and you’re ready to purchase a property on Hilton Head where it’s always inviting and pleasant, whether you’re at the beach, on the course, at the garden, strolling alongside nature in the forest preserves or sipping Southern sweet tea on your back porch. You know the island, you’ve decided on a community and a price point—or maybe you aren’t quite as familiar with it as you feel you need to be and want more information on neighborhoods, pricing, etc. Either way, you know it’s where you want to be. And that’s where the professional Realtors at Lancaster Real Estate Sales ( come into the picture.


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Spring is officially here! Freshly-planted flowers, newly-mowed lawns and brightly colored azalea blooms announce next week’s arrival of Hilton Head’s most famous event: the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament presented by Boeing, held each year in the lovely Sea Pines Resort.

hilton head golfTo be sure, spring is a wonderful time to be on the Island. Every year, the reawakening is a welcome respite from the long winter’s wrath (though our winters are typically quite tolerable with very few unseasonable temps). We have entered the time that second-home and villa owners block their calendars to be here, to play golf, to take long walks on the beach, to spend time with family and friends, to entertain, to shop, to dine out, to wind down….to escape. Showings for existing

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Life events—from career choices to marriage, from having children and upsizing homes to adjusting to an empty nest, from retirement to downsizing again—all necessitate a considerable amount of preparing, organizing and arranging. Success doesn’t just happen; one must strategize, forecast, and calculate. Planning is everything; but enjoying the fruits of one’s labor and dedication must fall somewhere on the continuum. That is where a place at the beach comes into play. From summer escapes to lifetime destinations, there are properties for sale on that match your desires, needs and wants—close to the beach, in a gated community or a non-gated neighborhood, all with access world-class amenities.

If you are thinking about owning

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hilton head yachtsReal estate is an ever-evolving industry. It is enduring, it is endearing and it is enticing. The power of the real estate market—in general and, more important, locally—cannot be understated. The last few years have brought about countless changes in our economy, our outlook and our lives. Some of the changes were anticipated; others were unexpected. Still, others were out of our control, put in place by politicians who did not have our best interests at heart. Naysayers prophesized that real estate would never come back and declared that money spent on real estate was money wasted. Sellers scrambled and buyers bargained. Distress properties were the primary topic of conversation from closed-door board meetings to open-air oyster roasts. Was real estate

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Beyond the spectacular views and aside from the miles of unspoiled shoreline, life on a barrier island has a certain allure. To be sure, it is unique—surrounded by water, bordered by pristine salt marshes and intersected by lagoons, tidal creeks and rivers. The big picture: it’s simple and authentic, warm and welcoming, relaxed and classic. The island’s traditional roots give it solid footing, but all the modern touches make it irresistible.

For the first-time visitor, Hilton Head harbors many enigmas. This world-class resort has no skyscrapers (no building is over five stories high, or as high as the tallest tree), we love our wildlife, our waters, and our ancient oaks and wild palms…and golfing is an obsession. A summer vacation destination for

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