A magical scenario, to be sure, Palmetto Bluff real estate is surrounded by the serene Carolina salt marshes and unspoiled rivers of the South Carolina Lowcountry and is the largest remaining waterfront property on the entire East Coast. As both a conservation preserve and a thriving residential community, the Bluff occupies 20,000 acres, with 6,500 acres set aside as managed forest.

Real estate in Palmetto Bluff is categorized as Town or Country in character, with Town properties consisting of residential villages and created with similar characteristics of the waterfront towns of Charleston and Beaufort, whereby walking or bicycling to nearby facilities is the preferred mode of transport. In contrast, Country properties lie outside the village areas…

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hilton head island sunsetMuch can be said about life and living by the sea. Whether you’re a surfer, a sand castle builder, a fisherman, or just a lover of nature’s most beautiful creations, Hilton Head Island has it all. Homes, villas and condos on Hilton Head are at very attractive price points and mortgage interest rates are still extremely favorable. Properties ranging in price from the $100,000s to more than $8 million are available for sale. Whether you are thinking of a primary home, a second-home, or vacation rental, the time is right. From a practical point of view, why would you wait to purchase later what you could enjoy now?

It’s a paradise. And it’s right outside your door.

The island, which encompasses 42 square miles, lies on the Intracoastal Waterway and is…

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So you’re looking at houses on Hilton Head. The time is right and you’re ready to make the move. Finances are in order and everyone is on board. It is an exciting time! You’ve narrowed your online search to the community that best fits your needs regarding amenities, activities, location, and price point. From there, you begin to consider square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, overall livability, and architectural design. Choices defined, you are ready to start viewing properties with your Realtor from Lancaster Real Estate Sales.

After showing appointments are finalized, the search begins. You are on a quest for the perfect property.The Realtor from Lancaster is able to point out features and facts of the various communities and…

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