Here you are…it’s time to move on. It’s all good…you’ve found the perfect coastal retreat, the ideal layout. Maybe it’s bigger, maybe it’s smaller; more of this, less of that. It’s a magical scenario and you’re excited about it all. The next step is to sell the place you’ve been in for years. It’s difficult to detach yourself from something you’ve known so well. Thing is, other people are going to see things you have chosen to overlook during those happy years and those wonderful collections are memories to you, but may very well be seen clutter in the eyes of those previewing your home.

There are ways to make the transition go smoothly and garner the most profit from your sale. Here are some tips to making that transition a favorable one:

  • Choose…

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“What is it like to live on Hilton Head Island?” Ask that question to 10 islanders and you will get 10 wildly different answers. There would, however, be a common thread woven within each answer: the Island’s natural beauty and coastal allure. Part and parcel of thoughtful insight would also include descriptions of warm waves, pure sunshine, sandy beaches, great golf, bicycle trails, fantastic restaurants, friendly people, superb shopping, romantic sunsets, and beautiful homes. No neon, no skyscrapers, no crowds, no chaos. The tides tell the time here. Just island living at its best: simple and easy. It’s what sets us apart.

Real estate on the island also sets us apart. With miles of unspoiled beaches, thousands of acres of maritime forests, meandering…

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Spring is officially here! Freshly-planted flowers, newly-mowed lawns and brightly colored azalea blooms announce next week’s arrival of Hilton Head’s most famous event: the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament presented by Boeing, held each year in the lovely Sea Pines Resort.

hilton head golfTo be sure, spring is a wonderful time to be on the Island. Every year, the reawakening is a welcome respite from the long winter’s wrath (though our winters are typically quite tolerable with very few unseasonable temps). We have entered the time that second-home and villa owners block their calendars to be here, to play golf, to take long walks on the beach, to spend time with family and friends, to entertain, to shop, to dine out, to wind down….to escape. Showings for existing…

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