Discover hidden details artfully woven throughout this shoe-shaped island that make this admirable town stand out! Hilton Head is a tropical paradise that economically grows while taking huge strides in preservation and has successfully created its mark on the world.

 Sea Pines CalibogueWith only 300 island residents in 1956, Charles Fraser developed an environmentally friendly Sea Pines Resort. At the same time, a swing bridge brought more residents, visitors, and investors to this gorgeous land. The vision to improve and not destroy the island's natural appeal spread into additional neighborhoods. Expansion continued, and Hilton Head's four-lane bridge, built in 1982, quickly connected the island with outside communities at the shoe's opening. Today nearly 40,000 residents tie kindness into Hilton Head and welcome 2.5 million annual visitors to its sun-kissed beaches, 23 golf courses, abundant accommodations, and more!

 This one-of-a-kind shoe isn't available in neon colors, nor does it blink or glow! Nature is the well-made fabric that holds the island's quintessential model together. The town is not adorned with artificial fabrications that draw attention to themselves with flashy lights; instead, it insists that signs and infrastructure intermingle with their landscaped surroundings, allowing nature's canvas to remain Hilton Head's focal point. As Charles Fraser, the founder of Sea Pines, once wrote in Where We Live, "Here the roads are deliberately and delicately curved to hold the look of the woods instead of the look and efficiency of the boulevard. The light is subdued to hold the night, to give the stars a chance to be seen, to give the owl and the human a chance to experience it." Today the island's brightest reflection is still the sky's vivid kaleidoscope of color off the water. Hilton Head's steps toward living in harmony with nature make a unique and lasting impression!  

The immaculate sandy beach is the heart and soul of Hilton Head, as sea turtles, birds, residents, and visitors delight in its pure artistry. The Atlantic Ocean's refreshing water ripples aloBeachng the 12-mile sole that stretches from the tip to the heel of our island! Like the sole on a shoe, it wears it down, and the 600 feet length of sand at low tide grows thinner with weathering and erosion. The town's commitment to preserving its beach is shown in the 10.7 million cubic yards of naturally matched sand that renourishes Hilton Head beaches every seven to ten years. This major endeavor to maintain the elevation and width of the shore replaces lost sand and prevents lost memories. Now and in the future, Hilton Head beaches can leave a print on your heart as you leave a print in the sand!

 TrailsAn ideal way to venture outdoors and experience the native southern beauty firsthand is to follow the thread of nature woven over 100 miles of Hilton Head’s paved pathways. The town maintains most of the trails, intertwining across the island's five-mile scenic width. Foresight and planning ensure the unspoiled, open space will always be a part of Hilton Head Island! From the foundation of its soul to its tip-top appearance, residents and visitors remarkably agree that this comfortable shoe is the perfect fit!

Contributed by Janice Magnin

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