fun food adventures: hilton head & the south carolina lowcountry

One of the activities enjoyed and repeated often by old and new citizens of the South Carolina lowcountry is finding, and frequently visiting, restaurants serving lowcountry cuisine. A word about lowcountry cuisine; it's generally thought to be synonymous with Southern Cuisine -- it isn’t. While it shares qualities and attributes with that other delicious class of dining pleasure, lowcountry cooking has strong parallels with New Orleans and Cajun cuisine. It is rich with the blending of the abundant diversity of seafood from the coastal estuaries with local vegetables and meats.

The most popular and flavorful of these true lowcountry dishes is ‘The Lowcountry Boil.’ Designed to feed groups, inexpensively and dating back to the seventeenth century,…

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Where is the Hilton Head real estate market headed? Consumer sentiment is strong, the economy is improving and real estate sales in the Hilton Head market are robust with indications for continuing growth and sales activity in the foreseeable future. 

July 2017 Market Report

For the period from August 2016 through July 2017, the Hilton Head real estate market saw an increase of 3.3% in Closed Sales and a rise in Overall Median Sales Price of 1.9% to $290,000. The $650,001 and Above range saw the largest gain in sales at 17.2% while the $100,001 to $225,000 range sold the quickest at 120 days. It is in the lower-price segment that activity from first-time buyers is most evident. Activity in this segment is crucial to healthy rises in higher-priced segments. 

Across the…

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