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hilton head island sunsetMuch can be said about life and living by the sea. Whether you’re a surfer, a sand castle builder, a fisherman, or just a lover of nature’s most beautiful creations, Hilton Head Island has it all. Homes, villas and condos on Hilton Head are at very attractive price points and mortgage interest rates are still extremely favorable. Properties ranging in price from the $100,000s to more than $8 million are available for sale. Whether you are thinking of a primary home, a second-home, or vacation rental, the time is right. From a practical point of view, why would you wait to purchase later what you could enjoy now?

It’s a paradise. And it’s right outside your door.

hilton head flowerThe island, which encompasses 42 square miles, lies on the Intracoastal Waterway and is

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So you’re looking at houses on Hilton Head. The time is right and you’re ready to make the move. Finances are in order and everyone is on board. It is an exciting time! You’ve narrowed your online search to the community that best fits your needs regarding amenities, activities, location, and price point. From there, you begin to consider square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, overall livability, and architectural design. Choices defined, you are ready to start viewing properties with your Realtor from Lancaster Real Estate Sales.

After showing appointments are finalized, the search begins. You are on a quest for the perfect property.The Realtor from Lancaster is able to point out features and facts of the various communities and

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Summer season is in high gear on Hilton Head Island—and the long, lazy days are here to stay (at least through September). The seasons, like the tides (and the latest trends) come and go; but this you must know: Hilton Head real estate is always in season. Whether you are looking to live on the island full-time or join us for just part of the time, we have a place waiting for you. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the island beckons with its world-class beaches, golf courses, active pursuits, and beautiful properties.

From vacation villas to high-end primary homes, the market is heating up. According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of homes in the $750,000 to $1 million range have experienced double-digit growth since January of this year.

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sea pines resortYou’ve waited long enough. The market is stable, mortgage rates are low, the long, hard winter is over (you’ll never do that again) and you’re ready to purchase a property on Hilton Head where it’s always inviting and pleasant, whether you’re at the beach, on the course, at the garden, strolling alongside nature in the forest preserves or sipping Southern sweet tea on your back porch. You know the island, you’ve decided on a community and a price point—or maybe you aren’t quite as familiar with it as you feel you need to be and want more information on neighborhoods, pricing, etc. Either way, you know it’s where you want to be. And that’s where the professional Realtors at Lancaster Real Estate Sales ( come into the picture.


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hilton head island real estateOwning a beach house or vacation villa on Hilton Head Island has always been in fashion and good taste, regardless of the trends of the time. Fashion, food, colors, cars—even real estate—follows trends, but Hilton Head real estate has consistently led the way in luxury homes, villas, and income-producing properties thanks to far-reaching and clear vision of the island’s early developers and designers. Determined to create a lasting luxury destination separate and apart from the more famous and trendy hot spots of the time, these early futurists were intent on building on what Mother Nature had endowed the island with rather than reinventing what was naturally available: the ocean and the lush landscape.

hilton head island homesIn the early-1950s, Island visionaries put in to

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lancaster real estate salesYou’ve studied the pending and closed sales statistics; you’ve watched the market and now you are ready to sell. You want the most money possible from the sale of your property. There is no need to be coy. You have a number in mind before you even contact a broker to view the property. After several exhausting interviews and as many differing sSea Pines Real Estateuggested listing numbers from this broker and that, you decide what number to use. After all, you know its value—you, better than anyone, knows what it’s value—it’s worth—in this fast-paced, highly competitive, highly unique real estate arena of Island and Bluffton real estate. You hire a broker who unenthusiastically agrees with your (over-)assessment and lists the property. You are reluctant

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The Hilton Head Island/Bluffton housing market, known for its luxury listings and high-end trends, often blazes the trail in the What’s New and What Works category of home improvements, remodeling and upgrades. Buyers of luxury properties come to the table with elevated expectations and often want immediate gratification. That is to say, they are willing to pay turn-key prices for meticulous properties rather than embark on a remodeling project while living in the property or, worse, living afar.

hilton head real estateSo, how is a homeowner to know whether to make the upgrade or whether to sell without remodeling? That is where a Realtor’s expertise pays off. An experienced Realtor can advise their client based on first-hand knowledge of the market and, more important, the

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Paradise found! A beautiful home on Hilton Head Island with secret gardens filled with Confederate Jasmine just steps from a sun-soaked, white-sand beach. A magical scenario, to be sure. Some would call it bewitching, yet it exists for the asking. Wooden rope swings in the back yard, pine-planked wraparound porches, open-air dining, four-season outdoor havens with tabby fireplaces and oversized chef’s grills, pool torches glowing in the dusk. These are reflections of a coastal lifestyle.

Known for its beautiful real estate, Hilton Head Island is more than just a place to spend a memorable and relaxing vacation. It’s a great place to live, work and play. Dotted with fabulous gated resorts and communities that cater to its residents and their guests,

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Here you are…it’s time to move on. It’s all good…you’ve found the perfect coastal retreat, the ideal layout. Maybe it’s bigger, maybe it’s smaller; more of this, less of that. It’s a magical scenario and you’re excited about it all. The next step is to sell the place you’ve been in for years. It’s difficult to detach yourself from something you’ve known so well. Thing is, other people are going to see things you have chosen to overlook during those happy years and those wonderful collections are memories to you, but may very well be seen clutter in the eyes of those previewing your home.

There are ways to make the transition go smoothly and garner the most profit from your sale. Here are some tips to making that transition a favorable one:

  • Choose
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“What is it like to live on Hilton Head Island?” Ask that question to 10 islanders and you will get 10 wildly different answers. There would, however, be a common thread woven within each answer: the Island’s natural beauty and coastal allure. Part and parcel of thoughtful insight would also include descriptions of warm waves, pure sunshine, sandy beaches, great golf, bicycle trails, fantastic restaurants, friendly people, superb shopping, romantic sunsets, and beautiful homes. No neon, no skyscrapers, no crowds, no chaos. The tides tell the time here. Just island living at its best: simple and easy. It’s what sets us apart.

Real estate on the island also sets us apart. With miles of unspoiled beaches, thousands of acres of maritime forests, meandering

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