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what's happening on hilton head island, february 2017

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina's pristine low country embodies a close-knit community spirit, with plenty going on from week to week. Get out with your neighbors and enjoy a few of these super-fun upcoming community events.

Check back often to see what's happening on Hilton Head Island!

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Pickup

February 11, 9-11am at the Lemon Island Bridge.
Last month’s quarterly pickup was cancelled, so now is your chance to help Palmetto Pride and Adopt-a-Highway. Join up with like-minded volunteers and staff to help clear the SC170 highway of trash and debris. Together we can keep damaging garbage from the waters of Port Royal Sound and preserve South Carolina’s gorgeous natural climate for future generations. There will be

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4 questions you need to ask when buying a Hilton Head Island vacation property

The allure is appealing. Owning a vacation property, a little place of your own to escape to on long weekends is the dream of many home owners.

And what better place than Hilton Head Island?

The gorgeous South Carolina sun, the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Calibogue Sound, the world-class golf courses and the iconic low land landscape combine to create a truly one-of-a-kind vacation destination. The island has been attracting vacationers for decades, why wouldn't you want to stake your own claim the land? Plus, it’s never been a better time to buy!

As with any major investment, you need to use a degree of caution and know what you’re getting into. Here are four questions you need ask yourself when buying a Hilton Head Island vacation

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cloudy skies over Hilton Head Island canalChange is inevitable. Nothing stays the same, nor should it!

Real estate, just as fashion, hair styles, technology and music, changes and evolves over time. We’re always seeking the newest, most innovative, and original ideas and implementations. These desires extend into our living spaces as well.

Hilton Head Island is known for many things--fabulous beaches, amazing golf, undisturbed nature, things to do and, last but not least, beautiful homes and villas. These homes and villas, whether primary residences, second homes or investment properties, require maintenance and updating to keep them in tip-top shape. So, whether you are looking to sell or to purchase real estate on Hilton Head, there are two words you need to know: renovate and remodel.

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Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island’s premier oceanfront resort, is no stranger to new construction. At any given time, there are major projects underway. These new construction projects are underway near the resort itself - the Harbour Town Club House, Beach Club, Plantation Club, or golf course redesigns and renewals at Harbour Town Golf Links and the new Heron Course).

As well as by individual owners building new, beautiful homes or renovating existing homes to suit their needs and tastes. To that end, Calibogue Cay, an Island landmark and premier neighborhood, is currently undergoing a building bonanza of its own.

Oh, by the way, there are four syllables; it’s pronounced Ca-li-bo-gee.

A Hilton Head Island Landmark

Referred to by locals as

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We are happy to again be a drop off location for The Deep Well Project's Santa Shop.  Lancaster Real Estate Sales is collecting new, unwrapped toys and other items now through December 16th.   The Santa Shop debuted in 2013 and was a huge success.  Last year, over 900 children received meal baskets and Christmas gifts.  We had fun shopping for the children and it was very heartwarming to see our clients, friends, and colleagues who also contributed.  If you would like to participate (and we hope that you will!) open full post and then click HERE for a recommended Toy List.  

Santa Shop 2013 Lancaster Real Estate & Deep Well

 Lancaster Real Estate Deep Well Tree

You can bring the unwrapped gifts by the office 9am - 5pm during the week or by appointment on the weekends.  We are located at 23C Shelter Cove Lane in the Greenwood

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hilton head island strongThis is not a blog about the hurricane or its center of force. This is a blog about Hilton Head--my island, my home--and its core of strength. However, before I can talk about the Island’s strength, I must give background on the force that gave rise to the strength.

Four weeks ago, like so many Island neighbors and friends, evacuees who sought refuge from Hurricane Matthew’s impending arrival to South Carolina, my family, our cat and I were huddled in front of the television and hunched over our phones and tablets seeking, searching for--and awaiting--any tidbit of news regarding the trajectory Hurricane Matthew. Was it going to turn? Was it continuing on a straight path? Would it intensify or dissipate before striking land? These were questions no one

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calibogue cay dockHilton Head Island isn’t just about beautiful beaches, world-class golf and tennis, exceptional real estate, warm neighbors, great food, fantastic shopping and outstanding weather….we have much more to offer than just coastal living at its finest! It’s those finishing details---those South Carolina Lowcountry traditions, simple authenticities and soulful inspirations---that set the Island above and apart. It’s why we moved here, it’s why over 2 million people visit the island each year and it’s why you are sweet on Hilton Head!

Now is a great time to consider making the move to Hilton Head---the Lowcountry is truly a special place to call home. Lancaster Real Estate Sales is proud to bring you these new and notable events. These are just a few of the

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hilton head island sunset

The SUVs and minivans that arrived one after the other, week after week during the summer, packed to the brim with suitcases, beach chairs, floats, anxious children, and the frisky Golden have departed, each carrying back home sweet memories of another island vacation. School is back in session and families are resettling into their familiar routines with thoughts of next summer’s trip dancing in their heads.

As Summer Vacation Season Cools Down...

It’s now the middle of September and Hilton Head’s “high-season” has wound down. Just like that, the visitors have gone.

Golfing and fishing season is in full swing! It’s easier to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant, there are a few open tee times at Harbour Town Golf Links, the new

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Each and every day without fail and regardless of what is happening in our world, Hilton Head Island (and most---but not all coastal areas) experiences two high tides and two low tides within a 24-hour period. Our tides are somewhat unique in that they can rise or fall more than 8 vertical feet in only 6 hours, though the average rise and fall is about 6.5 feet. Compare this with offshore (in the deep ocean) tides which have a tidal change of less than 1.6 feet---or to the tides at the Equator (they are are nonexistent)!Hilton Head Tides

The word “tide” defines the alternating rise and fall in sea level with respect to the land. Tides are the periodic rise and falling of large bodies of water. The gravitational attraction of the moon causes the oceans to bulge out in

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Keeping up with the neighbors is an age-old idiom that has more than one meaning if you own a second home on Hilton Head Island.  When your neighbor puts their property on the market, it has a direct impact on your property’s value. Sometimes you receive a Just Listed postcard or a Just Sold postcard---but you will not receive a mailing on a price reduction or when the property listing expired because it was priced too high. Thus, the only number you have for comparison is the Listing Price.  You can list a property at any price, but the price it sells for is really the only indicator of the market.  When we list a property for sale, we don’t give you a pie in the sky number to “win” the listing, but a realistic one of where the market is currently

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