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Each and every day without fail and regardless of what is happening in our world, Hilton Head Island (and most---but not all coastal areas) experiences two high tides and two low tides within a 24-hour period. Our tides are somewhat unique in that they can rise or fall more than 8 vertical feet in only 6 hours, though the average rise and fall is about 6.5 feet. Compare this with offshore (in the deep ocean) tides which have a tidal change of less than 1.6 feet---or to the tides at the Equator (they are are nonexistent)!Hilton Head Tides

The word “tide” defines the alternating rise and fall in sea level with respect to the land. Tides are the periodic rise and falling of large bodies of water. The gravitational attraction of the moon causes the oceans to bulge out in

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Keeping up with the neighbors is an age-old idiom that has more than one meaning if you own a second home on Hilton Head Island.  When your neighbor puts their property on the market, it has a direct impact on your property’s value. Sometimes you receive a Just Listed postcard or a Just Sold postcard---but you will not receive a mailing on a price reduction or when the property listing expired because it was priced too high. Thus, the only number you have for comparison is the Listing Price.  You can list a property at any price, but the price it sells for is really the only indicator of the market.  When we list a property for sale, we don’t give you a pie in the sky number to “win” the listing, but a realistic one of where the market is currently

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Plans to bring an overlook pier to Shelter Cove Community Park are still in the permitting stage but, if granted by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, the project may move forward by the end of this year or in early-2017. The width and length of the pier are dictated by state regulations; the cost is estimated at $800,000, with $400,000 already budgeted.  If approved, the Town of Hilton Head must come up with the additional $400,000.


Hilton Head’s beaches are a vital asset to Island residents, visitors and to our economy.  As part of the Town’s long-term strategy, beach restoration is a major component.  The project has begun as of June 2016 and will continue through October. 

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You can go places with good credit---and Hilton Head Island is a great place to be! Today’s mortgage finance market is all about credit for the best.  According to Bloomberg News, 2016 Q1 numbers from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s consumer credit panel, 58% of the $389 billion in mortgage originations (or 51% of the total loans) went to those with an Equifax Risk Score of 760 or higher on a scale of 280 – 860. During the same quarter in 2004, the prime group received 23% of the mortgages.

Borrowers whose score fell within the range of 620 to 659, viewed by lenders as below-prime credit, received just 4.6% of the dollar volume of mortgages for 2016 Q1. This group comprised 6% of purchase mortgage applications during the first quarter of

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These days instead of being asked for our name, we are asked for our phone number----area code first, please. Restaurants ask for it so they can buzz us when our table is ready, hotels ask for it to let us know our room is ready, internet shopping sites want it for tracking purchases, even the grocery store wants it before we check out.  It’s non-invasive, non-personal and usually a non-issue to give out.  It’s nothing personal and it’s not insulting; we are our phone number and, in many cases it doesn’t much matter that they don’t know us by name. We have become so accustomed to being regarded as a number that when someone calls us by name or considers us as, er, a person, we are too often taken by surprise.

Our team of Realtors at Lancaster Real

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With its rich past, vast history and unique ecology, Palmetto Bluff is truly one of the South’s finest treasures. Not far from Hilton Head Island and Savannah, it’s close enough to everything, yet away from it all. As a luxury travel destination and a renowned place to live, this planned residential community and conservation preserve beckons the past, welcomes the future and lives in the moment. Not a precious second is wasted. Pretty never goes out of style and Palmetto Bluff’s architecture, reminiscent of a simpler time blends seamlessly with the sturdy construction and refinements of today. No crowds, no chaos---just well-appointed, serene and artful.

Palmetto Bluff

As the largest remaining waterfront property on the East Coast, the very character of Palmetto

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Thanks to a committed staff at the Coastal Discovery Museum as well as conservationists and caring volunteers, the Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project is gearing up for another nesting and hatching season which runs from May 1 through October 31.

• The Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is the state reptile of our state. Weighing in between 300 – 400 pounds as adults, they have brownish or yellow skin and top shells which can measure from 30 – 42 inches in length.
• Temperature and moisture of the sand determines optimal habitat and Hilton Head’s sandy shores make for great nesting.
• Females nest on all areas of the beach starting the first or second week in May with most nests laid along the open-facing beach.
• Females lay four

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MHilton Head Beach Renourishmentother Nature has bestowed some of her finest work along the pristine shores of Hilton Head Island. Our beautiful white sand beaches are treasured, nurtured and photographed by generations of islanders and visitors alike, but we must also protect our shores. Beach sand here moves from the center of the island toward its end, dictated by Port Royal Sound to the north and Calibogue Sound to the south. Hilton Head Island is a “transgressive” relic coastal barrier and this type beach erosion---the massive and continual movement of sand---is a naturally-occurring phenomenon.

As part of the Town of Hilton Head’s long-term strategy for restoring and maintaining our beaches, beach renourishment is necessary every seven to ten years, depending on weather

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Palmetto DunesLocated in the heart of Hilton Head Island, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort rests along three miles of sparkling white sand Atlantic Ocean beachfront. Revered as one of the finest resort destinations in the world, Palmetto Dunes’ offerings include three championship golf courses (Georgia Fazio, Arthur Hills and Robert Trent Jones Oceanfront), an award-winning tennis center with 25 courts (23 clay and 2 Nova ProBounce), six miles of paved leisure trails which meander through the 1,800-acre resort connecting to the island-wide bicycle trail at the resort’s main entrance, and 11 miles of beautiful winding lagoons which provide a natural preserve for wildlife as well as kayaking and boating enjoyment for residents and guests.

Palmetto Dunes is uniquely

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Discover what you thought you knew about Hilton Head Island’s esteemed Long Cove Club. It’s not what you may think…it’s so much more!

It has been said that Hilton Head Island is a world apart from the real world, and that is a true statement both literally and figuratively. By definition, an island is land surrounded by water; it is separate and apart from the main land. Figuratively speaking, Hilton Head is set apart by and because of its unique real estate and casually refined lifestyle. Such an oasis would most certainly define Long Cove Club.

Long Cove Club epitomizes the Hilton Head way of life—exceptional and within a beautiful environment. Overlooking sweeping salt marshes and lagoons, this 630-acre south-end gated community is a gracious and

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