So you’re looking at houses on Hilton Head. The time is right and you’re ready to make the move. Finances are in order and everyone is on board. It is an exciting time! You’ve narrowed your online search to the community that best fits your needs regarding amenities, activities, location, and price point. From there, you begin to consider square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, overall livability, and architectural design. Choices defined, you are ready to start viewing properties with your Realtor from Lancaster Real Estate Sales.

After showing appointments are finalized, the search begins. You are on a quest for the perfect property.The Realtor from Lancaster is able to point out features and facts of the various communities and neighborhoods—some of which you had gathered from the website, others became apparent as you drove around the island and through the gated communities. After several lengthy walk-throughs (you might have found THE ONE) and quick peeks (it just wasn’t a good fit), you begin the comparison process, which goes something like this: The house at (fill in the blank) was great, the location was grand, the view was unbeatable, but I wish it had (fill in the blank). That house at (fill in the blank) was beautiful and the asking price was reasonable, but would have been better if it had (fill in the blank). Yet, you’re not discouraged. It’s the age-old process of determining which house is best, not which house is perfect.

Turns out, there is no perfect house (unless you intend to commissioned an architect and hire a builder to construct the exact house that you want and require in a specific time period of your life). However, there is a house on Hilton Head that is perfect for you. Perhaps it’s the next one on your list to see. Maybe you’ve seen it already; perchance it’s that house you can’t stop thinking about but you want to see more because something more perfect might present itself.

Your new home on Hilton Head is calling. It’s that house that wasn’t perfect but turned out to be just what you were hoping to find.

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