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An Introduction to Sun City Hilton Head Clubs

Posted by Bill True on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 7:36am.

When Del Webb dubbed the nearly ten-thousand-acre development nestled between the borders of Beaufort and Jasper Counties in the South Carolina Lowcountry Sun City, he was right on.

To summarize an amalgamation of resources into a simple definition, a ‘city is distinguished from other human settlements by its relatively great size, but also by its functions and activities’.

Inside the borders of this unique development there is so much going on that it would take several posts to this blog to do justice in describing them all. Just to enumerate the larger amenities creates an impressive list:

  • Three golf courses (two full-length, one executive):
    • Argent Lakes
    • Hidden Cypress
    • Okatie Creek
  • A twenty-acre lake (Lake Somerset)
  • Two restaurants and a third on its way
  • Tennis, Pickleball and Bocce courts
  • Three clubhouses with fitness centers
  • Six pools (two indoor, four outdoor)
  • Performing arts center (Magnolia Hall)
  • A Glossy magazine (SunSations)
  • A large woodshop with an abundant assortment of power as well as hand tools

But today I am going to turn my attention to a really awesome feature available to the residents of the Lowcountry’s most spectacular, active adult community.

The eighty-two Chartered Clubs; organizations that are sponsored by the Sun City Hilton Head Community Association Inc. to foster and promote opportunities for residents to pursue common interests in hobby, recreational and cultural endeavors.

...and fifty-five Registered Community Groups, that provide additional opportunities for residents to come together with mutual interests that further enhance their lives and the lifestyle of the community.

In that collection of 137 activities, there is truly an activity for every taste and ability.

How About Lunch?

Speaking of every taste, there are five different luncheon clubs (from each club’s own descriptions):

Luncheon Club I: Volunteer Hostesses select the restaurant and menu and advise the secretary who publishes the information in SunSations and prepares a flier to be distributed or e-mailed to members. At some meetings, the hostesses arrange for a program, such as a fashion show, for the enjoyment of the members.

sun city hilton head lunchean clubLuncheon Club II: Our Club's purpose is friendship and fellowship for Sun City women who like to try new restaurants in the area and also return to tried and true favorites. We have a fashion show once or twice a year. Dues are $5 a year.

Luncheon Club III: We dine at a variety of area restaurants and enjoy socializing with each other. So that we can get to know more members while stimulating our palates, we draw numbers for tables at each luncheon.

Luncheon Club V Luncheon: Third Thursday of each month at area restaurants, 11:30 am, with lunch at Noon.

Luncheon Club VI: We are a social luncheon club. We enjoy lively conversation and great food at various local restaurants. Each luncheon has a diverse program or entertainment that will be both delightful and informative.

Sensitive to my readers attention span, I will not put you through a recital of the one-hundred-thirty-seven diversified clubs and groups that keep the Sun City Hilton residents happy, entertained and active, I will pick four from the list and elaborate on them, however, do not hesitate to contact our offices at 1-843-785-9500 to get more information.

sun city hilton head bid whist clubBid Whist Club

From the Cards & Games Group within the Chartered Clubs Group, one of the more popular clubs is the Bid Whist Club.

Bid Whist is a partnership trick-taking variant of the classic card game whist, which in turn is the predecessor of the very widely played Contract Bridge (which also is the interest of another Card & Game Club, The Contract Bridge Club).

As indicated by the name, Bid Whist adds a bidding element to the game that is not present in classic whist. It is generally accepted that the game of bridge came from the game of whist.

The Bicycle Club

sun city hilton head bicycling club

Jumping to a less sedentary pursuit found in the Sports Group within the Chartered Clubs Group, a club with a large membership is The Bicycle Club.

With over 250 members, the cycling enthusiasts range in skill from beginner to hardcore devotee. Working together to make their passion for the sport enjoyable and safe for all, the more experienced cyclists’ mentor and encourage those who are finding the sport for the first time or returning after a long hiatus.

A basic objective of the group is to make members aware of cycling opportunities in the Lowcountry appropriate to their skill level. These include day rides in and out of Sun City and overnight trips to highly acclaimed regional sites. Club meetings provide an opportunity to socialize with others while sharing riding experiences, and hearing guest speakers on cycling-related subjects.

Sun City Squares

sun city hilton head square dance clubMoving now to a middle-of-the-road activity, we turn to the Performing Arts Group and one of my favorites, Sun City Squares.

First let’s all agree; square dancing is fun!

The term alone conjures up visions of happy people, smiling, laughing, dancing and simply enjoying themselves. The club is all about being sociable with other happy folk in simple surroundings with great music.

Square dancing provides important physical and mental benefits. It's a good physical workout and the concentration required to respond to a rapid sequence of calls is an excellent mental stimulation.

Sun City Squares members dance as couples. The bonds of friendship that form between couples during lessons and dancing are very strong and carry over to other social activities. And remember, as I said earlier, above all, it's fun!

The Sunscribers Writing Club

For my final example of how diverse are the activities available to the residents of Sun City Hilton Head, I have chosen one that, for obvious reasons, is near and dear to me. This time, from the General Interest Group, I turn the focus on the Sunscribers Writing Club.

snoopy type-writer comicThe most repeated questions asked of me by would-be authors are: how do I start? I have a story to tell or I want to immortalize my father with his very interesting life story, how do I go about it?

The resources to answer those questions are few and far between and generally expensive.

In Sun City Hilton Head, the folk with the questions and the writers\authors with varied degrees of experience have come together to provide a forum where each can gain knowledge from interaction with the other.

Sunscribers Writing Club is a club for those who have an interest in creative writing, regardless of skill level. There are beginners, writers venturing into publication and those who have already published articles and books.

The club has sub-groups for varied genres of creative writing, poetry and prose, as well as a memoir group for those who wish to write about their own lives.

If you would like a complete run down on all 137 Chartered Clubs and Registered Community Groups and to learn of all the amenities and features of Sun City Hilton Head do not hesitate to contact a real estate professional at our offices online or simply call us at 1-843-785-9500.

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