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Jasper Animal Rescue Mission Needs Our Help

Posted by Andrew Pietz on Friday, April 19th, 2019 at 8:53am.

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to the stray and neglected dogs and cats of Jasper County, South Carolina.

They were founded for and their mission continues to be, ‘to serve the people of Jasper County by providing shelter and humane care to dogs and cats that are lost, abandoned, neglected or abused.’

They address the fulfillment of these goals through a three-part program:

  1. Placing adoptable dogs and cats in good homes with caring people.
  2. Reducing the population of stray and neglected dogs and cats by promoting and providing spaying and neutering.
  3. Providing educational material and learning opportunities concerning the proper care and treatment of pets.

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission is the only county animal shelter in Jasper County and with that awesome responsibility comes a major overriding need for funds.

The mission depends on community donations for more than half their funding and with animals being delivered to their doorstep every day, the mission is in continuous need of help to keep their doors open.

Those open doors see a great many furry friends pass through on their way to a friendly safe haven, for many, the first such sanctuary they have ever experienced.

Jasper Animal rescue is an Open Admissions Shelter. An integral factor in their charter as a non-profit, they are required to take in every animal that shows up as part of their municipal obligations.

As an organization brimming with dedication, integrity and an abundance of love of the furry friends, they pride themselves on giving animals a second chance at life.

Due to the constant influx of new homeless dogs and cats, the mission is continually faced with a shortage of accommodations. When the shelter runs out of kennel space their guests end up in crates until a kennel opens up for them.

At times two or more rooms of the headquarters building will have wall to wall crates housing the capacity overflow.

A SAD REALITY; less than half the shelter's funding comes from grants, the county and municipalities, the majority is from community donations.

The two functions that the mission depends on to mitigate the imbalance of need for operating funds vs operating costs are fund raising and adoption.


The mission is always seeking funds through direct solicitation but thanks to the innovative thinking of the team in charge, two activities not only help bring in funds but are fun for the participants.

Partipating In Collaborative Fund-Raising Programs

Amazon Smile

People can choose to support Jasper Animal Rescue Mission through Amazon Smile. For each purchase made through the Amazon Smile Link, Amazon will make a donation to JARM. So please sign up to support Jasper Animal Rescue Mission with Amazon Smile.

Amazon Wishlist

Donations can be purchased from our wish list online.


Purchases made from this link or using the code JARM when shopping on Barkbox, will result automatically in a donation to the mission. Get your pup a monthly Barkbox treat and The Shelter’s pups will benefit too.


An app to download that donates money to the shelter when you walk. Do you know that you can earn money for Jasper Animal Rescue Mission simply by walking your own dog?

Healthy for your special pet, healthy for you and great for our shelter residents. All you have to do is download the ResQwalk App, turn it on while you walk, and for every step you take money will be donated directly to JARM! (Android or iOS)

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger cardholders can choose JARM as their charitable organization of choice and the result; a donation is made to Jasper Animal Rescue Mission each time you use your Kroger card.

Have a Kroger Plus card? Then you can help out JARM while you grocery shop! Register here: with your card and Kroger will donate to JARM based on your shopping!”

Thrift Shop

The Barkin’ Basement is a non-profit resale store that dedicates 100% of its profits to the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission for the benefit of homeless and neglected dogs and cats of Jasper County, SC.

Art, Books, Furniture, Décor, Appliances, Housewares, Jewelry, Lawn and Garden Items, Linens, Pet Goods, and much more!

Barkin Basement is also home to some of the available JARM Cats and Kittens.

They need and appreciate your donations! If you have “new or gently used” items like those listed above, please call (843) 717-2088 for free pickup.

They are also currently seeking volunteers to work in the shop – any amount of time is helpful, please spread the word and contact them if you have any interest in helping out for a great cause!

Hours: 10am until 4:30pm Tuesday through Saturday

Follow Barkin’ Basement on Facebook to stay up to date on all new incoming Furniture and home goods!

Barkin Basement is Located at:
10974N Jacob Smart Blvd
Ridgeland SC 29936

To learn more about, contribute to or colunteer for Jasper Animal Rescue Mission

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission

Visit the Shelter at:


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