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Posted by Bill True on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 1:29pm.

hilton head yachtsReal estate is an ever-evolving industry. It is enduring, it is endearing and it is enticing. The power of the real estate market—in general and, more important, locally—cannot be understated. The last few years have brought about countless changes in our economy, our outlook and our lives. Some of the changes were anticipated; others were unexpected. Still, others were out of our control, put in place by politicians who did not have our best interests at heart. Naysayers prophesized that real estate would never come back and declared that money spent on real estate was money wasted. Sellers scrambled and buyers bargained. Distress properties were the primary topic of conversation from closed-door board meetings to open-air oyster roasts. Was real estate over with? Would real estate recover? Would it even survive?

Years of battering took its toll. Some areas suffered greatly while others barely detected a slowdown. There were times of fits and starts that were only to be met with stagnation and disappointment. Then, rising from the ashes like the phoenix, real estate emerged strong and steady. Real estate turned the corner. A definite point in time cannot be hailed, but as the glut of short sales and foreclosures began to shrink and inventories tightened, a tempered but cautious market presented itself. Headlines that were once doom and gloom for the industry began to tout advantages of owning real estate. People were eager to get back in the real estate market. Better, smarter ways of selling, buying and investing came about as a result of the downturn. Island real estate is unique in more ways than you might imagine. Life is good and the weather is fine!

The new year always brings new hope—and new ways of getting things done. Hilton Head real estate is well-positioned and poised for a smooth take-off. If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate on Hilton Head or in Bluffton, please give the professionals at Lancaster Real Estate Sales a click or a call. We are here to better serve your real estate needs and look forward to hearing from you!

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