Q. What popular sport serves friendly competition for all ages and is simple to learn?

A. Pickleball

Q. Where can you play pickleball year-round in a fabulous setting?

A. Hilton Head Island

Q. What do you get when you combine pickleball and luxurious island living?

A. The perfect match!

Why pickleball?

Pickleball Hilton HeadFresh air, friendly competition, healthy exercise, and socialization are just a few of the reasons pickleball is rapidly gaining popularity in Hilton Head Island and across the United States. Its appeal begins with the game’s simple rules and a mild learning curve shaped like the gentle sunset over the ocean! Since the badminton size court is shorter than a tennis court, there is less area to cover, and players can pass the fun back and forth more often. The game can be played as singles, but doubles will undoubtedly double the enthusiasm. All athletic abilities are enticed to the pickleball court because nearly everyone can rally the ball remarkably well over the net. However, the unique pickle “ball” has nothing to do with a pickle! the ball of pickleballThe plastic sphere is comparable to a whiffle ball yet slightly heavier; therefore, it creates a slower pace than tennis or table tennis. The fiberglass or graphite paddles are light and a cinch to handle, whether gripped by the hands of children or adults. Pickleball paddles return entertainment as the number of shots in this lively game is as abundant as the smiles across the court!

Where to play pickleball in HHI?

Hilton Head Island has close to 100 venues for pickleball, including:

o   Palmetto Dunes Resort has 24 exclusive pickleball courts, with lights for evening play, plus stadium seating for spectators.

o   Sea Pines Resort has three pickleball options with six pickleball courts at the Sea Pines Racquet Club, four pickleball courts at Sea Pines Country Club, and the South Beach Racquet Club offers pickleball on the Har Tru clay tennis courts with modifications for pickleball.

o   Long Cove has four permanent pickleball courts.

o   Port Royal has two dedicated pickleball courts.

o   Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Resort has four pickleball courts.Paddle

o   Palmetto HallWexford, and Hilton Head Plantation have added lines for pickleball’s smaller court size on the neighborhood’s numerous tennis courts.

o   The Island Recreation Center has four temporary pickleball courts co-managed with Hilton Head Island Pickleball Club, plus tennis courts with pickleball lines at Chaplin Park, The Courts of Adrianna Lane, and Cordillo Parkway Tennis.

How do you get involved?

Hilton Head Island Pickleball Club has almost 200 members that play at the Island Recreation Center and The Courts of Adrianna Lane. Since 2014, pickleball has been a favorite component of Hilton Head Island High School’s Physical Education program. Pickleball is also a popular club sport in private schools on the island, such as Heritage Academy. Visitors and residents can participate or cheer on numerous annual tournaments in Palmetto Dunes hosted by the Association of Pickleball Professionals, APP, and the Professional Pickleball Registry, PPR. Pickleball champions are crowned right here in Hilton Head Island, but the real winning comes from this exciting game that rewards participants with healthy activity and wholesome family entertainment! 

Last Question-Why is it called pickleball?

From one island to another, pickleball was created in 1965 for something to do on Bainbridge Island by Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum, and Bill Bell. The thrown-together parts of table tennis, badminton, and wiffleball on a modified tennis court reminded Joan Pritchard of the college’s “pickle boat” crew teams comprised of second-string crew members thrown together for additional crew races, and the game’s name stuck. In 1968 the family named their beloved dog, Pickles, after their favorite new game.

Pickleball has an amazing ability to bring generations together and serve smiles in all directions, making pickleball a hit on Hilton Head Island for years to come!

 Pickleball Singles
  Contributed by Janice Magnin

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